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The Cleveland Darter Club (Est. 1969)
Promoting The Ancient And Honorable Sport Of Darts!
P.O. Box 30615, Middleburgh Hts., OH 44130
(216) 226-2582 -or-
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League Captains and Players... (News Date: 2016-02-01)
Important Information About Individual Membership Dues...
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Winter Session Is In Full Swing! (News Date: 2016-01-16)
Captains & Players... See your stats, view your league player profiles in 'Team Portal'. Team Portal is ONLY available to members of our club that can log into this site! Do you have your login?
This session there's a **new feature**, Quick Sheet Entry. Captains/Co-Captains, enter your nightly team sheets to pivot data immediately into player performance stats! We're expanding this all season long. These statistics make better matches, better scheduling, and publishes data for players... best of all IT TAKES LESS THAN 2 MINUTES TO ENTER A LEAGUE SHEET

Check Out Team Portal!

Looking For More Darts Than Just League? (News Date: 2016-01-14)
CDC Trails is the best way to improve your game by playing a VARIETY of players from all over! There are locations all over Northeastern Ohio and run many times during the week with NO INDIVIDUAL COMMITMENTS.
Want to learn more about CDC Trails and what it does for you? Click Here!

Extravaganza Save The Date.... (News Date: 2015-10-09)
The CDC Dart Extravaganza 39 Is Schedule For:
April 29th - May 1st, 2016

CDC Extravaganza

The CDC is a member driven Club with the best interests of ALL DARTERS at heart.  We are currently in our 46th year of operation with over 1,000 active members & players in over 70 affiliate taverns and locations spread throughout the Greater Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio area.  As a charter member of the ADO, we're proud of the long history we have had with the sport.

We offer the BEST COMPETITION and FUN for all members while also offering...
  • Both local and travel dart League Operations that operate all year long (Fall, Winter, Summer)
  • Numerous levels and formats to fit most ranges of darters.
  • Top payouts in all the area!
  • Numerous charity and open league operated tournaments
  • Cleveland's #1 Trails League Program
  • The CDC sponsors the annual Cleveland Dart Extravaganza!

If you are new to darts or a seasoned veteran, come join the fun!  We have a great organization that prides itself in its member driven management.  We encourage all to get involved to better the Club.  Check out the links above to view available committees that you may be willing to participate in.

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The CDC is a Charter Member of the American Dart Organization (ADO).

Induction into the National Darts Hall of Fame on September 12, 2009.

You may visit their website at

Welcome To The Cleveland Darter Club!